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G17 Rail Kit

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Part Number: G17RK
Availability: Back Order.

G17 Kits are currently back ordered. The next batch is expected to be available 10-28. All backorders will be fulfilled at that time.

We are happy to provide the most affordable FMDA G17 Rails available today. These rails are manufactured from 6061 aluminum just like the original design. Proven to last thousands rounds by the creators and community alike. They drop into a FMDA G17 frame or any other frame that is designed to accept these rails. Slide the rails in and install the included pin in the front rail and screws in the rear rails and you have a ready to go lower.

What Our Rail Kits Include:

- One front rail block

- One left rear rail

- One right rear rail

- 4 2.5x8mm screws

- 1 3x30mm solid pin

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